Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to Eat What You Like With a Diabetic Menu

Diabetes is a matter of control, this is the most important thing to remember once you've been diagnosed. With your medication, the right workout plan and a smart diabetic menu your life can go back to normal. You can control your diabetes through your food choices and a comprehensive exercise plan. Let us show you the best ways to create your diabetic menu.

Now, not every diabetic has the same needs. Some diabetics need to cut down on the calories, others instead need to decrease the amount of fatty foods they eat. It's also important to spread mealtime out throughout the day. Three or four small meals during the day can really help balance your carbohydrates and calorie intake. That way, it's a simple task to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

Key to a good diabetic menu is the types of ingredients you use in your recipes. What are the things that need to be included? Well, you can most likely keep right on eating what you already eat.

And so if you want to adopt your regular eating habits into an excellent diabetic menu take the time to follow these tips:

- Keep potatoes plain, use only a small amount of margarine or another low-calorie topping if need be.

* Make sure every meal you eat is the same size.
* Use only a small amount of oil when stir frying vegetables, you can still add plenty of seasoning!
* Avoid fried foods entirely.

- Don't use a lot of butter on your meat or fish, and try boiling it instead.

You can hardly go wrong with your diabetic menu when following these tips. Train yourself to adapt your meals in the ways we've suggested, it'll become a regular habit before you know it!

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